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Cope Collective

Sauriana Cope Collective faction

Led by paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope, and bitter rivals to the Othniellians, the Cope Collective is comprised of gentleman scientists and daring engineers. With cold science and backed by steam-powered automata, and employing numerous agents with less-than-scrupulous methods, the Cope Collective aims to secure its foothold in the world above all others.

 The mad science of the Cope Collective provides a wealth of options for the tactically-minded player. Slow-but-sturdy Automatons and nimble, support-oriented Engineers are the faction’s bread and butter. This is the faction for gun lines, steady advances, and stalwart defense, so plan accordingly and watch your opponent crumble. 

 In Sauriana, the Cope Collective is a powerhouse faction that’s difficult to render out of action. Automatons may be slow, but they can take a lot of damage before succumbing, and often bring heavy weapons to the table. As a counterpoint to this, the faction’s human Agents tend to be nimble, fast, but fragile, supporting and repairing Automatons whilst ducking into cover and laying down supporting fire. 

Sauriana Cope Collective faction logo