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FossilPunk Foundry

Sauriana - Cope Collective Starter Box


The Cope Collective is a braintrust of enterprising, engineering minds who see Fossils as the ultimate investment in humanity's future. Dedicated to the "cold science" of understanding prehistoric life, ecological systems, and dispassionate cataloging of the ancient world, these academic acolytes mean business! 

The Cope Collective Faction Starter contains a posse consisting of a Curator and two Saurotamatons - clanking clockwork contraptions powered by steam engines and sporting heavy weaponry, ideal for kickstarting your Cope

  • 3x Metal Miniatures (with a variety of assembly options!)
  • 3x Stat Cards
  • 1x Quickplay Rules Pamphlet
  • 1x 28.5mm Round Base
  • 2x 40mm Round Bases

*This is a Preorder Item. Estimated Shipping Date is April-May 2022

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