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FossilPunk Foundry



Utilized by the Cope Collective to guard museums and important fossil sites, Saurotamatons are steam-powered, clanking mechanical monsters. Bearing the visage of prehistoric beasts and armored in impenetrable hides of iron and brass, these automatons are nearly indestructible. Though slow and having no true intelligence of their own, they wield heavy weaponry and stalk forward with ruthless impertinence. 

The Saurotamaton is a single resin 32mm scale model, and comes packaged with  a 32mm round scenic Secret Weapon Miniatures base. The miniature comes packaged with two head options and three weapon options, so you can personalize your units.

Sauriana Saurotamaton Cope Collective miniature

Sauriana Saurotamaton originla art by Sueng Hoon Woo

Concept art by Sueng Hoon Woo

Card design by Alex P. Watson

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