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The Explorer’s Club

Sauriana Explorer’s Club faction

Adventurers who ply the wilderness outside of the civilized world, The Explorer’s Club accepts only the bravest souls into its ranks. From ivory trade and big game hunting on 

the Dark Continent to pelt trapping and exploration in the uncharted wilds of North America, the Explorer’s Club spans the globe accruing wealth and paving the way for civilization.

It is members of the Explorer’s Club who hunt the most fearsome creatures: dinosaurs. Their ability to scout terrain, set up traps, and take their prey one-on-one is uncanny, and their Agents excel in dense terrain. Many of them have special abilities that activate when fighting Dinosaur-type Agents, or when used in a band alongside Tribal or Beast-type Agents. 

In Sauriana, the Explorer’s Club excels at board control - many of their Agents have special interactions with terrain and synergize with specific Agent types - such as beasts or tribal Agents.  This allows them to strike from unexpected angles, catch their opponents unawares, and grab objectives freely. 

Sauriana Explorer’s Club faction logo