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World’s Fair

Sauriana World’s Fair faction

Mercenaries, ne’er do wells, and other rogue elements make up the World’s Faire. Either hired as agents for the other factions, or entrusted to act on their own as a band of rogues and scoundrels, the World’s Faire offers a diverse array of personalities. From wild animals and tamed beasts to bounty hunters and charlatans, they hail from every corner of the civilized (and uncivilized) world.

The World’s Faire is perfect for any player looking to fill a gap in their band - need a real heavy hitter? Add a Laelaps! Need a decent gunman? Hire yourself a Bounty Huntress! This faction is great for anyone looking to make a unique group of ruffians or something of their own creation, and many of its Agents can prove valuable when added into a band from one of the other factions.

 In Sauriana, Agents of the World’s Faire are the take-on-all-comers faction, able to hold their own in a fight. Easily the most diverse faction, finding the right synergies and strategies can be difficult, but when something clicks, it’s truly rewarding. With a wide range of characters and themed ideas you can build upon, a band of World’s Faire Agents can be extremely formidable. On the flip side, you can select one or more World’s Faire Agents to join a Band of another faction, filling the gap in areas that the Band would otherwise be weaker in - for example, the Othniellians excel in Duels and are often extremely fast, but lack long ranged firepower.

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