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Sauriana - World's Faire Starter Box


The World's Faire is a mercenary faction - wild beasts, daring adventurers, and everything in between who serve no masters but themselves. They can often be found serving other factions as hirelings and hangers-on, but just as often can band together to serve their own ends - or those of some unseen master - out on the frontier! 

This Faction Starter Box contains a fearsome Laelaps - the terrifying Dryptosaurus, a monstrous dinosaur accompanied by two Laelaps Nests, representing its of which is the beast's utmost priority!

  • 3x Resin Miniatures with multiple assembly options
  • 2x Stat Cards
  • 1x Quickplay Rules Pamphlet
  • 2x 50mm Round Bases
  • 1x 60 mm Round Base

*This is a Preorder Item. Estimated Shipping Date is April-May 2022

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