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About us


FossilPunk Foundry aims to provide gamers with the highest quality 32mm resin miniatures, and the best games to play with them. Starting from the ground up to design our flagship game, Sauriana, we hope to inspire creativity and build a community around the miniature gaming hobby. 

We aim to provide a game that is immersive, intuitive, and appeals to the hobbyist in all of us. 

Our company was founded in 2016 by Sam Nolton, an entrepreneur and writer who’s been playing miniature wargames since 1998. Having spent the first few years after graduating from Southern Oregon University working in digital marketing, he has since turned his attention to pursuing his dream of writing rules and fiction for tabletop games. With his vision for the future, FossilPunk Foundry focuses on three things above all else: 

The Community

A game, hobby, or business is nothing without customers. But we don’t want people to just buy our models- you can buy miniatures from any company. We want our community to feel involved and invested in the world we’ve created.

Yearly campaign events are going to be a big part of Sauriana moving forward, with lasting effects upon the narrative. If you have a character or band of Agents that’s really well developed and you want to chronicle their journeys in this strange new world, drop us a line, we may be able to fit them into the story canon proper! 

The Game

With a great community of players, of course, the game has to be something people want to play. Sauriana is intended to be easy to learn, but have such depth and breadth to it that you can constantly experiment with new play styles, loadouts, and Agents. 

More than that, we’re planning on supporting the game for years to come. We’ll be publishing a rulebook in the coming months, and every miniature we sell comes with stat cards and assets to equip them with so you have everything you need to play right out of the box. More assets and even new variations on Agents will be made available through expansions, booster packs, and even as tournament prizes. 

The Hobby 

Miniatures are one thing. A hobby is entirely different! Every miniature is meant to have interchangeable parts so you can convert and personalize them to your leisure. All of them are highly detailed in a fine grey resin, perfect for painting. We’ve also partnered with Secret Weapon Miniatures to package our models with their exceptional resin bases for an entirely new level of hobby excellence. 

As we build out our website and expand our enterprise, we will show you painting and modeling tutorials, hold community painting contests, and a display of masterful painting and modeling examples from across the fanbase.