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Larger Than Life Miniatures Game

A Kaiju brawl miniatures game with a human element. Apocalyptic and global in scope and scale.
Larger Than Life pits two players against one another, each controlling a truly massive Kaiju miniature. But it’s more than just two monsters brawling in the midst of a city, Larger Than Life aims to capture the essential elements of the giant monster genre. Kaiju incursions are treated as natural disasters, and the world’s governments respond accordingly - deploying defenses, scrambling disaster relief aid, and evacuating civilians as the city crumbles around them.
The game views all this through the lens of journalism. Kaiju are big news and each attack is a developing story
Each Kaiju has a deck of cards called the Newsreel, representing the developing story as their unique abilities, powers, and attacks take the limelight in this sensationalism-driven, story-hungry world. As enemy damage takes its toll, it not only forces you to discard or remove cards from your Kaiju’s newsreel, limiting your options each turn as they’re worn down, but it also represents the news story nearing its end. When you’re out of cards, the Kaiju is defeated and no longer able to fight, and there’s no more news to be wrung out of this particular event.
Larger Than Life is currently in development and will debut in mid 2022!