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Laelaps Aquilunguis- known today as the theropod Dryptosaurus, is a dangerous predator that comes from a time long past. In Sauriana, it is a time-displaced beast, part of the World’s Faire. Whether following a roving pack of fellow dinosaurs, or lured into the “service” of another faction’s band, this dinosaur is not to be underestimated. 

Laelaps is a huge dinosaurian beast that can be added to any faction’s band, or used as part of a band made entirely of World’s Faire agents. This kit contains 1 Laelaps miniature in resin, with optional bits including the time portal it emerges from if used with the Contained Time Loop Asset. The kit also includes a 120mm oval base, stat card, and asset cards. 

This product will be available Early 2017

Concept art by Fred Wierum

Card design by Alex P. Watson

Miniature Sculpted by Kevin Cayuela Borg 


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